Our Story

Yaqrit’s founders are at the front line of treating patients with liver disease and pioneering new research in the field

Professor Rajiv Jalan and a collaborative network of world-class clinicians and scientists are working together to address the unmet need in advanced liver disease

Worldwide collaboration to seek the answer

We know that partnering and working in collaboration with others are important to accelerate the development of innovative treatment solutions for patients with advanced liver disease.

Prof. Rajiv Jalan phd

Scientific Founder

"Chronic liver disease is a huge global problem. At Yaqrit we are developing a pipeline of breakthrough product candidates designed to address each stage of advanced liver disease, from the clinic to intensive care."

Critical Discovery

Liver injury leads to increased leakage of bacterial endotoxins and metabolites from the gut to the liver and to the extrahepatic organs leading to a cycle of inflammation and cell death

Bacterial endotoxins leak from gut to liver…


…destroying liver cells leading to cirrhosis & liver failure

The R&D Engine

The Yaqrit platform integrates technical expertise, clinical trial design and execution with its global collaborator network to accelerate development.

Global network of liver experts