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Nov 13 2016 - Yaqrit featured in Sunday Times feature
"Tiny beads of hope for liver patients" click here

December 17 2015 - aqrit receives investment of £2m to develop a new treatment for liver disease
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September 7 2015 - Yaqrit’s scientific founders publish paper showing that Yaq-001 affects causes of liver disease
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May 20 2015 - Yaqrit’s lead founding scientist, Professor Rajiv Jalan, features on BBC's Horizon
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Liver disease diagnostics and treatments

Yaqrit Limited is developing a family of liver disease diagnostics and treatments that will transform the lives of patients around the world.

Death rates from liver disease are rising, in contrast to those in cancer, stroke, and heart disease (Figure 1). There are few treatments for patients with liver disease other than a costly transplant, and those that exist seem unable to deflect this upward trend. It is this need that Yaqrit intends to meet.

Over 650m people suffer from liver disease globally. The most common causes are obesity, alcohol, and viral infection. Symptoms can be hard to recognise because the liver compensates for damage for many years. When compensation fails, the patient is at a high risk of dying without a liver transplant.

The Yaqrit product family is based on 20 years' work by Professor Rajiv Jalan of University College London and his team and collaborators. Their deep understanding of the mechanisms of liver disease progression is approaching fruition in the shape of a new generation of therapeutics and diagnostics that promise both improved health outcomes for patients and economic benefits for healthcare systems.